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Friday, 8 May, 2020

Issue of Thomas Sandes of Sallow Glen (A0601) and Bridget Fitzgerald:
Elizabeth (0501) was born in 1734.
William of Sallow Glen (0502) was born in October 1736. In 1768 he married Margaret, daughter of Stephen Creagh of Reens, Co Limerick by Catherine, daughter of John Burke of Limerick, by whom he had five sons and a daughter. He was High Sheriff for Kerry
in 1775, JP in 1785, and died on 30 March 1812. His widow died on 19 September the same year, and their tomb is to be found in the burial ground at Ballylongford.

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Birth   about 1736
Death   31 March 1812
Burial   about 1812
Burial   about 1812
Birth   about 1734

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