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Thursday, 17 May, 2018
Mary Jane Nobbs1
F, #156835, b. 28 January 1913, d. 5 May 1991
Last Edited=4 Sep 2017
Consanguinity Index=2.93%
     Mary Jane Nobbs was born on 28 January 1913 at Norfolk IslandG.1 She was the daughter of Benjamin ffrench Nobbs and Amy Quintal.1 She married, firstly, Archer Besnard Sandes, son of John Sandes and Clare Louise Berry, on 10 January 1933 at Norfolk IslandG.2 She married, secondly, Minto Sydney Christian McCoy, son of Frederic Stanley Richard McCoy and Helena Nobbs, between 1943 and 1946.3 She married, thirdly, John Adams Carr, son of Francis Holford Adams and Maria Madeline Christian, on 11 January 1964 at Norfolk ISland.4 She and Archer Besnard Sandes were separated before 1934.3 She died on 5 May 1991 at age 78.5
     From 10 January 1933, her married name became Sandes.2 From between 1943 and 1946, her married name became McCoy.3 From 11 January 1964, her married name became Carr.4
Child of Mary Jane Nobbs and Minto Sydney Christian McCoy

    Janice McCoy1


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