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Goodman (0411) was born on 26 August 1802 at Glenfield. His parchment commission in the Ordnance Department dated 16 February 1837 records that he joined as a Clerk at a salary of £90 a year, in Corfu, ‘in the room of Mr Fitzgerald, dismissed’. On 3 October 1840 he married Henrietta, daughter of Walter Hussey Fitton of Cork.

In Corfu they lived in the Citadel, next door to Lieutenant Colonel H W Gordon RA whose children included Charles, later Major General RE, Governor General of the Sudan, murdered in 1885 by the revolutionary forces of the Mahdi at Khartoum, and famous as ‘Chinese Gordon’ and ‘Gordon of Khartoum’. About 1846, Goodman was transferred to Alderney, Channel Islands, where he served for twenty-two years in charge of Irish labour employed on breakwater construction, being recorded in 1862 as a Deputy Superintendent o f Stores in the Military Store Department. He retired about 1868 as an Honorary Captain, and went to live in Ireland. In the late 1870s he moved to London, where he died at No 8, Brussels Road, St John’s Hill, on 13 February 1882. There is a miniature painting of him as a young man with dark hair, heavy eyebrows, and blue eyes, and a silhouette of a rather handsome gentleman, with no resemblance to the miniature.

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