Pedigrees are groups of people or branches of the family tree. All family members belong in one (or sometimes two) pedigrees. Where there is insufficient information to determine in which pedigree a family member belongs, they are placed in the "Unknown" pedigree.

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The Kerry pedigree originated with William Sandes (1597 - 1668) and his wife Elizabeth Fernley who went to Ireland from St Bees, Cumberland and from which all of the pedigrees of the Sandes of Kerry descend.
The Carrigafoyle pedigree originated with Lancelot Sandes and his wife and second cousin Mary Dorothea Sandes (1730 - 1820). Family-members now living in The United States, Canada and South Africa and some residents of The United Kingdom belong in this pedigree.
The Glenfield pedigree originated with Henry Sandes ( - 1808) and his wife Alicia Browne ( - 1826) and from whom descended most of the Sandes families based in New Zealand and the families related to Edward Warren Caulfeild Sandes (1880 - 1973) that are now based in Bath, Somerset.
The Greenville pedigree originated with George Sandes (1751 - 1829) and his wife Elizabeth O'Connor from whom descended the siblings Doris Aphra Sandes (1898 - ) who went to Canada in 1924, Dr Glady Maude Sandes who was living in London in 1963 and John Gough Sandes (1903 - 1971) who graduated from Christ College, Cambridge and of whom no further information is known.
The Sallow Glen pedigree originated with William Sandes (1736 - 1812) and his wife Margaret Creagh and from whom descend most of families who lived in England, Canada (British Columbia), Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and South Africa (Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal) and are now based in Ireland and Australia.
The Lindsay Sandes believe that they are descended from John Sandes ( - 1818) of Moyvane, but have yet to establish a link. The surname was for a time spelt Sands, initially by the unknown father of Thomas Sands ( - 1916), who is said to have been spurned by his family for marrying unsuitably, but later reverted to Sandes. Descendants in this pedigree live in India, South Africa, Ireland and Canada.
Family members in this group are not connected to the main Kerry pedigree yet. Many of these family members live in Australia.