Family members

This is a list of all known family-members who descend from William Sandes and Elizabeth Fernley up to the present day.

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Married women are listed by their maiden name.
He was a photographer.
Younger daughter of Mrs B.A. Rogers of Darling Point, Sydney, Australia
She emigrated to South Africa in 1972 with her family and lived in Johannesburg, Gauteng.
He emigrated in 2003 to Australia and lives in Perth, Western Australia.
During World War II he fought in the U.S. Navy aboard USS. Lansdowne and was at Peleliu. The scene of the U.S. naval landing with the highest U.S. casualty rate in World War II.
Adopted son. He served in the US Navy during World War Two.
Daughter of William H Aust and Maggie Maud Settle
During World War Two he was at Guam in the South Pacific and later Vallejo, California. This was the site of the Mare Island Naval Shipyard, a submarine port during the war. Now a National Historic Landmark District.
Daughter of James Clenton McCulloch and Bertha Ethel Counts
AKA "Mickie" He emigrated with his parents to Canada when he was an infant. He was a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Canadian Navy.
As a child he lived at 7 Park Avenue, Bedford, UK (see Passenger List reference image) Flying Officer Charles Richard Sandes was a pilot with The Royal Canadian Air Force during WWII.
He was an M.B. B.Ch. Bachelor of Medicine (1916 Dublin) and a Captain and served in the Royal Army Medical Corps in WW1