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This is a list of all known family-members who descend from William Sandes and Elizabeth Fernley up to the present day. You can do a name search below, just enter part of the first or last name. For a few family members that are still alive, only the name and year of birth will be displayed.

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He served as an Ensign in the 37th Regiment of Foot, later The Royal Hampshire Regiment, and at the Siege of Bergen-op-Zoom in the Netherlands on 9 March 1814, under Sir Thomas Graham, where he was killed in action.
Pedigree: Greenville
He was a Justice of the Peace
Pedigree: Greenville
Daughter of Francis William Bowzer of Neath, Glamorgan, Wales.
Pedigree: Kerry
Of Molahiff, County Kerry.
His younger brother, who was born after he died, had the same name.
Pedigree: Glenfield
The Channel Island Censuses of 1851 and 1861 shows him and his family to be residing at Alderney, Channel Islands. In Corfu they lived in the Citadel, next door to Lieutenant Colonel H W Gordon RA whose children included Charles, later Major General RE, Governor General of the Sudan, murdered in 1885 by the revolutionary forces of the Mahdi at Khartoum, and famous as “Chinese Gordon” and “Gordon of Khartoum“.
Pedigree: Glenfield
Daughter of Walter Hussey Fitton of Co. Cork
He was a Captain in H.M. 9th Regiment of Foot. Now Norfolk Regiment.
Pedigree: Glenfield
Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Sandes who fought at the Battle of Waterloo. He also fought alongside Simon Bolivar in the Spanish American wars of independence.
Pedigree: Glenfield
Captain John Sandes was in H.M. 47th Regiment of Foot and fought in the siege of San Sebastion and the Battle of Vitoria against the Napoleonic Empire, he also fought for the East India Company in the third Anglo-Maratha War. He joined the Cape Mounted Rifles in South Africa in 1846 and fought in the Seventh Xhosa War. His elder brother who died before he was born had the same name.
Pedigree: Glenfield
Daughter of Francis William Bowzer, of Neath, Glamorganshire.
Pedigree: Glenfield
Of Kilmore, County Kerry
He served in the Ordnance Department.
Pedigree: Glenfield
He was a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy.
Like his brother, he also served in the Ordnance Department
Pedigree: Glenfield
Hon. Sir Robert Fitzgerald, 17th Knight of Kerry, son of Maurice FitzGerald, 14th Knight of Kerry and Elizabeth Crosbie.
Major Lancelot Charles Sandes
Pedigree: Carrigafoyle
Daughter of John Croker of Ballinagard, Co. Limerick.