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This is a list of all known family-members who descend from William Sandes and Elizabeth Fernley up to the present day. You can do a name search below, just enter part of the first or last name. For a few family members that are still alive, only the name and year of birth will be displayed.

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Married women are listed by their maiden name.
William Alton, M.D. of Tralee. He was medical officer of the Tralee Union
He sailed for New Zealand in the sailing ship Gertrude. She arrived at Auckland on 10 February 1863. Nearly all the passengers were “Forty-Acre Settlers“, to whom land was granted by the NZ government to encourage immigration. On arrival in Auckland, Robert set up in business as a chemist, but when the Thames gold rush started he moved down the coast to Grahamstown, Thames. In the early days of the Waikato conflict between the British and Maoris in 1863-64, he served as a colour-sergeant in the 3rd Waikato Regiment. In 1876 he moved to Hamilton where he practised as a chemist and dentist for many years, and served on the borough council. He was a staunch Anglican and member of church choirs. He ran for Mayor of Hamilton, Waikato in 1881 but was unsuccessful.
Daughter of Richard Peed of Kinsale, Co. Cork.
He emigrated to New Zealand and was a Medical Practitioner and a Member of the Royal college of Surgeons. He practiced at his brother's (Thomas Goodman Sandes) surveyor's office in Hamilton, Waikato.
Of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
AKA "Harry" He is the twin brother of George Arthur Stewart Sandes. In January 1874 he became a Colonel in the Royal Artillery. (see PDF Adrian Sandes - Chapter 1 Annex A, Part 3, Page 1, 3)
Daughter of Rev. Edward Warren Caulfeild and Millicent Hellicar
Of Edinburgh and later New South Wales.
He emigrated to New Zealand in early 1863 with his brothers at the age of nineteen. He was a surveyor and was declared bankrupt in September 1884.
Daughter of John McGlashan and Isabella McEwan.
He is the twin brother of Henry Thomas Thompson Sandes.
Daughter of Major-General John Croker and Honoria Grady.
She was the daughter of Reverend Standish O'Grady and Mary Jane O'Grady.
Reverend Henry Lancelot Sandes, Rector of Ballycuslane, Diocese of Ardfert. (Burkes) AKA "Harry".
Daughter of James Magill
Of Kilsconnell House, County Limerick.
He was an officer in the Scots Fusilier Guards (from 1877, Scots Guards). He fought in the Peninsula War under The Duke of Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo. He was also a magistrate in Queen's County. He sold the Kilcavan estate in Queen's County and the Carrigafoyle Estates in County Kerry in 1867.
Daughter of Thomas Chidley Coote and Elizabeth Anne Carr of Limerick. Sister of Sir Charles Coote premier bart. of Ireland (Burkes). Her family owned lands and the castle at Mountrath, Queen's County.
On 12 January 1849, he survived an armed assault on the road whilst returning from a meeting in Askeaton. See reference note.