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This is a list of all known family-members who descend from William Sandes and Elizabeth Fernley up to the present day. You can do a name search below, just enter part of the first or last name. For a few family members that are still alive, only the name and year of birth will be displayed.

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Married women are listed by their maiden name.
Daughter of Donald Joseph Harris and Louisa Bessie Jane Dickens.
He was educated at the Albert Middle Class College in Framlingham, Suffolk, (now Framlingham College). He served in the First World War as a Private in the Labour Corps and was discharged 10 January 1919.
Daughter of Reverend William Wilson of Templebrady, Co. Cork.
She achieved fame by being the only women to enlist as a soldier in WW1. She went to Serbia as a nurse and eventually fought in the Serbian Army and was decorated with the George Kara Cross. Refer to Arthur Baker, Flora Sandes CD (below) for more information.
Of Churchtown House, Killarney. Son of James Magill and Frances Purdon. Captain in the 2nd Queen's Royal Regiment.
Son of William Stanhope Stockley, Irish landowner. Lieutenent-Colonel C M Stockley, Norfolk Regiment. Colonel Stockley served in the Bengal Army as an Ensign in 1862.
Alternatively Mary Anne Kathleen Sandes (see reference note Irish Church records)
Major Harry Harris Were of the East Lancashire Regiment.
She was the founder of the Sandes Homes for Soldiers and Airmen still in existence today.
He was an officer of the 102nd Regiment.
He was educated at Bromsgrove School, and graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge. He was a Barrister at Law, Justice of the Peace and the High Sheriff of Kerry in 1885.
Daughter of Dr. Rawdon Macnamara M.D. of Dublin. AKA Sarah Amy Macnamara
In the record of her daughter's death in 1959 her maiden name is given as Emily A Sandes.
Of Los Angeles, California. He was an attorney.
She emigrated to The United States in 1864.
He was born in Ireland and emigrated to the United States in 1858.
He went to Bromsgrove School and graduated 1866 B.A. Trinity College, Dublin. He was a Barrister at Law, Justice of the Peace, Deputy Lieutenant and High Sheriff of Kerry in 1882. The 1891 census shows them all to be living at 7 Southwell Gardens, Kensington with seven servants. He was in 1879 granted leave by Royal Licence to take the name and armorial bearings of Sandes in compliance with his uncle’s will.
Daughter of Colonel Adolphus Young R.A.
Of Wolfsdene (or Wolfsden), near Kilshane, County Tipperary.
Educated at Trinity College, Dublin. He was a Justice of the Peace and called to the Irish bar in 1893. Captain 4th Battalion, Royal Munster Fusilers. AKA "Jack"
Daughter of John Sale of The Manor House, Barrow-on-Trent and Mary Poole
Of Mill Street, County Cork, son of Rev. Thomas Moriarty, Dean of Ardfert.