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This is a list of all known family-members who descend from William Sandes and Elizabeth Fernley up to the present day. You can do a name search below, just enter part of the first or last name. For a few family members that are still alive, only the name and year of birth will be displayed.

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Married women are listed by their maiden name.
Daughter of Major Ronald Philipps Glynn Begbie
Colonel Adrian Henry Warren Sandes was educated at Marlborough College and Kings College Cambridge. He was commissioned into the Royal Engineers in February 1942, and retired in May 1973 as a Colonel. He then became a Planning Inspector in the Department of the Environment until July 1991.
Pedigree: Glenfield
He graduated B.A., Christ College, Cambridge
Pedigree: Greenville
Dr Maxwell Alston MD - he was a pathologist
Dr. Gladys Maud Sandes M.D. (London), F.R.C.S. was a Gynaecologist.
Pedigree: Greenville
She emigrated to Canada 25 April 1924.
Pedigree: Greenville
He was a Captain in the Royal Fusiliers. He succeeded his father 13 February 1912.
Pedigree: Sallow Glen
Of Tarbert House, Tarbert, County Kerry.
A solicitor of 20 Cornwall Gardens, London, S.W.
Captain Hugh Heneage Finch, son of George William Finch (d. 1902) and Margaretta Maria Fitzgerald (d. 1913). At one time he was the owner of Sallow Glen. He was a Captain in the R.F.R.A. and served in Ashanti and Northern Nigeria 1900-1901
Of Low Wood, Belfast.
Daughter of Walter Miles Airey (1878-1938) and Beatrice Eleanor Hearn (1882-1964).
Daughter of Leslie Wren Crosbie and Millicent Kathleen Lucy Ethel Johnston.
His mother died in 1904 when he was five and his father took him to live at Marlesford Rectory to live with his grandparents. Whilst he was there he attended Oakham School in Rutland. He ran away from home and was sent to HMS Worcester training ship (now Thames Nautical Training College). Shortly after the outset of the First World War, he joined the Royal Navy as a midshipman. He was demobilised in 1920 and went to Join the British South Africa Police in Southern Rhodesia (later Rhodesia now Zimbabwe).
Pedigree: Sallow Glen
Daughter of Alfred Oscar Whiteman and Catherine Matilda MacFawn (NSW BMD)
He Graduated Master of Medicine from Sydney Medical School in 1925 and practised medicine all his life.
Pedigree: Sallow Glen
Daughter of Benjamin F. Nobbs and Amy Quintal, descendants of the Bounty Mutineers. (Wikipedia)
He lived in Brisbane, Queensland in 1936, but spent most of his life living in and around Sydney, NSW. At one stage he lived as a patrol officer in Papua New Guinea.
Pedigree: Sallow Glen
"Patricia (0109) was married three times. Her first husband was a POW of the Japanese and worked on the Burma Road (?). Her second husband was Colonel Tony Simpson, with whom she lived at Cascais, Portugal. Her third husband was Van Regensburg Versluys, an international lawyer. She now lives alone in Surrey."
Reverend Denis Sandes
Pedigree: Sallow Glen