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Death 6 October 1808
He died at Limerick, County Limerick.
Residence (Limerick)
He lived at Mount Pleasant, Morgans North, County Limerick.
Probate about 1837
Death about 1879
She died in the second quarter 1879 in Kilmallock, County Limerick.
Probate 19 October 1874
She left under £50 to her daughter Martha.
Probate 13 September 1873
He died without issue and left under £9,000 to his nephew George Sandes
Death about 1888
Second quarter 1888 (Alternatively she died 23 January 1881 in Tralee - see reference note)
Death 10 September 1828
He died at Morgans, County Limerick
Death 20 April 1843
She died at Morgans, County Limerick.
Death 7 January 1880
He died in Glin, County Limerick of "obstinate constipation"