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Saturday, 24 September, 2016

John (0802) of Kilcavan, Queen’s County, was a Captain in the Army, receiving lands under the Act of Settlement at Ballyowen, Ballintlea, Glandoran and Boolecrine in Co.Wexford, and at Rathely and Adamstown in Co. Kilkenny. In 1663 he bought land at Moycloyne, Killtibegg and Ratinmore, and in 1674 at Moniguid, Cappabegg, Cappanery and Coolenepishe. He sold the land at Glandoran in l673 and at Ballyowen in 1675. In the 1660s and 1670s he also rented land from Trinity College, and was in close touch with Lancelot. John was the progenitor of the Sandes of Kilcavan (see also Annexure C) through his wife Ann, by whom he had four sons. She was buried at St Michan’s, Dublin, in 1692.

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