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Sunday, 23 October, 2016

John (0705) of Cloonbrane, pronounced ‘Clonbran’, who must have been born by 1668, married his first cousin Mary, daughter of Thomas Blennerhasset of Ballyseedy and Littor, Co. Kerry, and his wife Ellen, another daughter of Anthony Stoughton of Ballyhorgan. John and Mary had six children.
In 1699 John was named by the Commissioners of Co. Kerry, together with his brother William, in connection with raising £120,000 on all lands, hereditaments and tenements in the kingdom, and in 1727 he witnessed the deed by his mother and brother Lancelot, mentioned above. In 1732 he was party to a lease concerning lands in Co. Kerry and a marriage settlement for his son Thomas and Bridget Fitzgerald. In 1727 and 1732 he was living in Limerick. Ballyseedy is 2 miles south-east of Tralee, and Littor some 6 miles west of Ballylongford, but the location of Cloonbrane is not entirely clear. There is a village of that name south-west of Carrigafoyle near Ballybunion, and letters were addressed to Cloonbrane ‘near Tralee’ at least once. But it is more likely to have been, as shown on Petty’s Map of Kerry in 1655, in the parish of Moyvane - Knockanure close to the north-east of Moyvane, which is about five miles north-east of Listowel, and near Glenalappa, another Sandes landholding. Cloonbrane means ‘Meadow of Evil Odour’ which comes from the steeping of flax. The village of Moyvane is now known as Newtown Sandes, and in 1992 I found a farm a few hundred yards south of the centre of the village, which the occupant, Mr Stack, said was Cloonbrane. The farmhouse probably dated from the early 20th century, and Stack pointed out where the old house had stood, close between his house and a massive old stone barn towards the road. He also
mentioned that his brother had ridden Red Rum, the famous racehorse.

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