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Issue of William Sandes of Carrigafoyle (A 0701) and Mary Coward:
Lancelot of Carrigafoyle (0601) was a Captain in the Army, and may have been MP for Portarlington as above. In 1716 he was named as life beneficiary of lands at Ballymalis and Killbonane, Co Kerry, under a fine levied by his father and his brother William. He was party to deeds in 1720, 1721 and 1727, concerning lands at Hartstowne, Coatstowne, Saraghstowne and Galberstowne, Co Meath. On 4 May 1721 he married Margaret, third daughter of David Crosbie of Ardfert by Jane Hamilton of Liscloony,. Kings County, by whom he had three daughters. He died in 1727, and in 1731 his widow was married to George Green of Old Abbey, Co Limerick.
William (0602) was party to the above fine of 1716, under which the lands granted to his brother Lancelot, and after to his male heirs, reverted to himself and his heirs as life beneficiaries. He was also party to the deed of 1720 above. He married Jane (or Dorothea?), daughter of Dr Thomas Smyth, Bishop of Limerick, but died without issue in 1721.
Margaret (0603) was married to Pierce Crosbie, son of Sir Thomas Crosbie of Rusheen, Co Kerry. Pierce was born in 1684, was educated at Trinity Coillege, Dublin, and was a barrister of the Middle Temple, London. They were named in the fine of 1716 as beneficiaries with their heirs after William and his heirs. Margaret had three children.
Katherine (0604) was married to Maurice Crosbie of Ballykealey, Co Kerry. They and their heirs were also named as beneficiaries in the fine of 1716, after Margaret and Pierce Crosbie.
Elizabeth (0605) was married to Arthur Crosbie of Tubrid, Co Kerry. She and her heirs were also named as beneficiaries of the fine of 1716.