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Issue of George Sandes of Greenville (A0501) and Elizabeth O’Connor:
Henry Moore (0401) died on 12 June 1820, without issue.
Edwyn (0402) was born in 1786 and died on 1 November 1824.
Fitzmaurice (0403) of Ballylongford was born in 1789. In 1807 he was admitted to Trinity College Dublin and took his BA in 1812. In 1820 he married Mary, daughter of J J Shewell of Ballygrennan, Co. Kerry, by whom he had two daughters. He was a minister of the Church, and died on 1 February 1847.
John of Listowel (0404) was born on 22 March 1791. He was a Captain in the Kerry Regiment. In 1820 he married his first cousin Agnes (0417), daughter of John of Moyvane (A0505), by whom he had four sons and three daughters. He died on 31 May 1845. A memorial tablet in St Johns Heritage Centre, Listowel, (formerly the Protestant church), records his death, with the family arms and motto.
Agnes (0405) was born in 1793 and died without issue on 15 August 1809.
Elizabeth (0406) was born in 1794 and died without issue on 27 April 1855.
George (0407) was born in 1795. He served as an Ensign in the 37th Regiment of Foot, later The Royal Hampshire Regiment, and at the Siege of Bergen-op-Zoom in the Netherlands on 9 March 1814, under Sir Thomas Graham, where he was killed in action.
Thomas (0408) was born in 1797 and died without issue on 21 July 1856.
William Gough of Greenville (0409) was born on 3 October 1801. He succeeded his father in 1829, and was a JP. On 14 October 1852 he married Margaret Elliott, daughter of Francis William Bowzer of Neath, Glamorganshire. Slater’s Directory for 1856 listed him as a Gentleman. He died without issue on 22 April 1873, and his widow on the same day ten years later.