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Sunday, 14 April, 2019
Groom Surname  	Sandes    
	Groom First names  	T.W.    
	Bride Surname  	Sheldon    
	Bride First names  	Marie Louise    
	Place  	Boulogne-sur-Mer    
	Year  	1887    
	Month  	August    
	Day  	11    
	Exact Entry  	Sandes--Sheldon--Aug. 11, at the British Episcopal Church, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Captain T.W. Sandes, Madras Military Staff Corps, (retired), to Marie Louise, eldest daughter of the late Henry M. Sheldon, Esq., late of Staverton House, Gloucestershire, and granddaughter of the late C. Smallridge, Esq., Solicitor and Proctor and Justice of the Peace for the City of Gloucester.    
	Edition Year  	1887    
	Edition Month  	22-Aug    

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