Reference: Adrian Sandes - Chapter 1 Annex A, Part 3, Page 4-02

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Tuesday, 5 May, 2020

Thomas Goodman (0304) was born in Corfu on 24 April 1846. Like his brother Robert he emigrated to New Zealand in 1863, but without professional qualifications. However, he seems to have practised as a civil engineer in Hamilton and was a borough councillor. On 20 August 1878, at St Peter’s Church, Hamilton, he married Isabella, daughter of John McGlashan of Dunedin, New Zealand, by whom he had five children, shown like his brother Robert’s at Annexure G. He died on 8 May 1897. His wife was born on 31 July 1857 at Dunedin, and died on 18 January 1923.

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